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Bok Choy Stew

This is a great all-in-one recipe! A dish that is easy to prepare in a large pot and that can satisfy everyone.

Cauliflower Wings

There you have it, a perfect alternative that even fans of traditional chicken wings will appreciate.

Recette Pad Thai

Pad Thaï

A wonderful and flexible recipe that can appeal to everyone's taste buds. A perfect meal for any vegan or vegetarian.

Healthy recipes for you !

Mac And Cheese

An all-in-one mac and cheese ready in under 30 minutes. Great for weekdays when you need something quick.

Smoothie au yogourt grec

Greek Yogurt Smoothie

What could be better than mixing ingredients together to create a delicious pink drink for breakfast!

Pesto aux avocats

Avocado Pesto

A great alternative to traditional pesto. This recipe can replace mayonnaise in your sandwiches, as a marinade on chicken before roasting and of course as a delicious alternative to tomato sauce on your favorite pasta.

Poulet rôti

Roasted Chicken

This recipe is ideal for the holidays when family time is precious.

Mélange pour crêpes


Simple pancake mix recipe. Perfect for family breakfasts on weekends or just for fun!

Soupe aux lentilles

Lentil Soup

Warm and inviting, an excellent lentil soup recipe, simple and nutritious to serve under the thumb. A complete and balanced meal of vegetables with a vegetable source of protein and starches.

Soupe aux tomates

Tomato Sauce

This recipe is designed to put in Mason jars and for future recipes.

Nutritional Articles

Barres de chocolat au lait

Chocolate: good or bad for your health?

It’s Valentine’s Day and many of us will see a crescendo-like increase of our spending on boxes of chocolates. But, is it really that healthy?

5 tips for healthy eating habits

In this guide you will find the ideal amounts to consume per day for each of the food groups as well as tips for eating healthier.

Bol avec des noix de grenoble

Walnuts: their health benefits

Why talk about this Walnut so often forgotten? When eating walnuts, it is important to note a decrease in cholesterol

Smoothie au yogourt grec

Nutrition consultation

During the consultations we will discuss together your nutrition goals so that you can achieve your desired results. You will also receive a personalized food plan and detailed advices to guide you throughout your journey.

Nutritional consultations can be for any length of time, they can be done online or in person.

Nutritional Program

The programs allow you to get off to a good start on your path to a healthy lifestyle. They provide you with a structure that will guide you towards achieving your goals.

The programs are spread over 5 sessions where there will be an initial evaluation, presentation of a personalized eating plan, advice and strategies, a food diary, a 5-day menu and follow-ups. Each of the sessions is explained in a little more detail below:

Smoothie aux fraises
Let's rediscover the joy of eating together.

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