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Simple recipe for pancake mix. Perfect for family lunches on weekends or just for fun!

As a bonus – A delicious chocolate pancake recipe (video).


20 minutes in total

Difficulty: Easy




Step 1:  Beat together the eggs, butter and vanilla.

Step 2:  Add the milk, water and beer to the egg, butter and vanilla mix

Step 3:  Sift together the flour and baking soda in the liquid mix and beat until smooth

Step 4:  Adjust de consistency of the mix by adding water until the desired texture

Variation – chocolate crepes: replace ¼ cup (60ml) of flour with ¼ cup cocoa powder to make chocolate crepes!

Chocolate pancakes recipe

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Marie-Claire Gahel-Calouche

Dietitian-nutritionist, member of the Order of Dietitians of Quebec. I am passionate about nutrition and well-being in general. In this section, I offer you quick and easy healthy recipe ideas to prepare for any occasion.

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