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As a nutritionist and dietitian, my main goal is to enable my clients to not only achieve their nutrition goals but also to surpass them. Each of us has a goal that we want to achieve and constraints to get there. This is why I take great satisfaction in seeing my clients succeed and being able to guide them during this journey. In my opinion, everyone has the opportunity to have a healthy lifestyle, it’s just about wanting to put in the effort and going at their own pace.

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Photo Marie-Claire Gahel Calouche, dietitian-nutritionist in Montreal
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I am a dietitian-nutritionist, professional graduate in nutrition and biological science from McGill University and the University of Montreal. I am also a member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec (OPDQ). During my consultations, I prioritize first and foremost the respect of dietary needs, based on convincing science, for the development of healthy sustainable lifestyles, while maintaining the pleasure of eating.

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MCGC Nutrition is a Montreal company dedicated to contributing to the development of our community, especially during this difficult time. This is why I am particularly proud to present our new collaboration with ‘Breakfast Club of Canada’.

1 in 3 children now come to school hungry because of the pandemic. That’s why we have decided to support the cause and help those in need.

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MCGC Nutrition

About me and MCGC Nutrition

Professionnelle diplômée
Professional graduate

Member of the Order of Dietitians of Quebec and Canada. Holder of a bachelor's degree in nutrition as well as in biology.

Nutritionist - Dietitian

Passionate nutritionist who wants to share his knowledge with his clients and help them achieve their targeted nutrition goals.

Prix abordable nutritionniste-diététiste
Affordable Price

As a nutritionist, one of my primary goals is to make my services accessible to everyone.

Services nutrition personnalisés
Specialized Services

All of my services can be adjusted to suit your goals as well as your schedule.

Consultations en nutrition variées
Various consultations

Different service options offered: Weight management, diabetes, gluten, intolerance, cardiovascular disease, and more

Écoute, respect et plaisir

Listening, Respect and Pleasure

Listening to your customers is an essential aspect of a nutritionist. This is why I advocate above all respect and pleasure during my consultations.

My journey

As for my studies, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in nutrition from McGill University and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, immunology and microbiology from the University of Montreal. I am also a member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec (OPDQ) and a member of Dietitians of Canada. In addition, I joined the Quebec Society of Arterial Hypertension (SQHA).

My major professional fields of practice are weight management, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, sports nutrition and gastrointestinal intolerances including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I recently completed the official training course on the application of the “Fodmap” diet for irritable bowel syndrome from Monash University located in Australia which is the founding institution of this nutritional strategy and convincing research in this area.

Within my private clinic, MCGC Nutrition, we develop individualized nutritional strategies according to the specific needs and medical history of my clients/patients. Above all, I prioritize respecting food needs, based on convincing science, for the development of healthy, sustainable lifestyles, while maintaining the pleasure of eating.

Mon parcours, Maire-Claire Gahel Calouche

Free 20-minute Exploration Call!

Get a free 20 minute first consultation with me and let's discuss your nutritional needs and goals together. You can also ask me any questions you have about me or about my services.

My services

Individual or group

Get a personalized consultation according to your needs and goals. Services available: weight loss, gluten, intolerances, diabetes, sports nutrition, and more!

Multiple choices

Follow a program lasting 5 sessions that will allow you to get off to a good start on your nutritional journey. Program available: Weight loss, diabetes, sports, vegetarian, and more!

Individual consultations

Package of 9 sessions which is ideal for people who want to obtain long-term follow-up and thus obtain strategies, tips and advice during their journey.

Let's rediscover the joy of eating together.

Let’s start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, contact me now for a first consultation!

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