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Healthy lunches for your little ones!

Marie-Claire Gahel-Calouche

Need ideas of what to put in your kids’ lunch box that will please their little taste buds? Here are 5 winning ideas tested by two hard-to-please critics: my own kids!


 1. Vegetable spread

Grind your children’s favourite grilled vegetables, grilled in the oven or grilled on the stove. Mix in fresh or dried herbs. You can also add a dash of olive oil if you like. You can use this in a sandwich (such as a cheese sandwich) or simply used as a dip. My children really liked the combination of grilled peppers, zucchini and onions with fresh basil and oregano and a dash of salt and pepper.


2. Mini cold pizzas

What could be easier! Take half a whole-wheat English muffin and brush inside with tomato sauce (maybe even the one from the day before), add vegetables of your choice (maybe leftovers from the day before too). Garnished with a little cheese and voila…  a delicious meal! You can add fresh herbs or dried herbs if desired.


3. Old sandwich… Here is my new “LOOK”!

Use whole-wheat pita bread or whole wheat tortilla. These new bread used will change the look of your sandwiches, without affecting their contents. Need another great idea? Use your kids’ favourite shape cookie cutter to shape their sandwiches. The result will be attractive to the eye, good in the belly and a great delicious meal… Maybe even their friends will become envious!


4. “The big snack”

Why always use a sandwich? Multigrain crackers or whole wheat pasta without sauce will bring a variation appreciated by the little ones. Add diced cheese or cut into interesting shapes (with their favourite cookie cutter) and add a vegetable dip (referring to idea # 1), or a Greek yogurt dip served with vegetables in different geometric shapes so they may create while eating ..and why not!


5. Vegetable juice… low in sodium, of course!

Need a quick and efficient option to add vegetables to your meal? Vegetable juice can help you for the most difficult morning when chopping veggies are not around. Be careful, this option can have a high amount of sodium. That’s why I always suggest low sodium vegetable juices. Believe it or not, my little ones love it! Maybe it would be worth giving it a try with yours … and yourself!


Hope these ideas make it easier for you to prepare engaging and fun dinners for your kids!

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