A new approach to a healthy lifestyle

Nutritional Consulting

Individual or family

Get a personalized consultation according to your needs and objectives. Services available: weight loss, gluten, intolerance, diabetes, sports nutrition, and more!

Nutritional Program

Individual or group

Follow a program lasting 5 sessions that will allow you to get off to a good start on your nutritional journey. Program available: Weight loss, diabetes, sports, vegetarian, and more!

Business Consultation

Consultation / Conference / Kiosk

Organization of kiosks, conferences or private consultations for your employees. Customizable to your needs and schedules, directly at your institution or elsewhere.

Individual or family

During the consultations we will discuss your nutritional goals together to help you achieve your desired results. You will receive a personalized food plan as well as detailed advice to guide you throughout your journey.

Example of consultations:

  • Weight loss
  • Gluten
  • Diabetes
  • Intolerance
  • Sport nutrition
  • Many more !

Duration of 5 sessions

The programs allow you to get off to a good start on your path to a healthy lifestyle. They provide you with a structure that will guide you towards achieving your goals. The programs include an initial assessment, a plan and a food diary, advice / strategies as well as personalized follow-ups.

Example of consultations:

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Diabetes program
  • Sports program
  • Cardiovascular disease program
  • Vegetarian / Vegan Program

Improvement of habits

Family or friends

Conference / kiosk / consultations

Welcome to MCGC Nutrition

Nutritionist-dietitian service in Montreal

We offer flexible and adapted services to learn healthy habits over the long term. Whether it is to improve general health or to provide nutritional monitoring for a specific condition, you receive an individualized service that follows your needs. We therefore offer several turnkey services that will meet your expectations.

Can’t find a service? You can send us a request with your specific need through our appointment portal and we will adapt our service accordingly.

Marie-Claire Gahel Calouche

Founder of MCGC Nutrition



adjusted to your needs

Receive a personalized eating plan that will help you reach your nutritional goals

Certified professional

All services are offered by a certified nutritionist from “The Order of Dietitians of Quebec”

for you

Ability to choose the date and time you want, in person or online.

Core values

Consultations are always done with respect and pleasure. No judgment or discrimination made.

Discover new recipes

Simple and accessible to all