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Initial evaluation

Analysis of your current situation, establishment of objectives and strategies to achieve concrete results


Food Plan

Identification of problems and creation of an adapted plan that will allow you to better direct yourself towards a healthy diet


5 days menu

Adjustment of the eating plan and suggestions for practical tips to better integrate everything into your daily life



Review session of the last weeks and changes made to your daily life


Optimized for you



Each program is unique and specifically addresses a different aspect of nutrition.

The goal of the programs is to provide you with structure and guide you towards achieving your nutritional goals. Whether for weight loss, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gluten or to have a good sports diet. The programs are there to provide you with a solid foundation for better lifestyle habits.

Choice of programs:

  • Program: Weight loss
  • Program: Diabetes
  • Program: Cardiovascular diseases
  • Program: Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Program: Sport alimentation

Explanation of the sessions

The programs are spread over 5 sessions where there will be an initial evaluation, presentation of a personalized eating plan, advice and strategies, a food diary, a 5-day menu and follow-ups. Each of the sessions is explained in a little more detail below:

A complete nutritional evaluation includes an assessment of the nutritional goals to be achieved and current eating habits, as well as a review of your medical history. This consultation also includes expert strategies and recommendations to start the health goals that are on offer. During this session you will receive a resource and advice tailored to your individual needs.

Duration: 60 minutes

This consultation is aimed at identifying the problems preventing your success and guiding you towards realistic goals that are easily incorporated into daily life. During this meeting, we focus on concrete solutions to the obstacles that prevent your success and thus achieve your long-term health goals. A personalized eating plan is included and modified according to your needs.

Duration: 60 minutes

This session aims to review and adjust the individualized eating plan if necessary. We will also analyze your personalized food journal and give you practical tips for following your personalized plan.

Duration: 45 minutes

MCGC nutrition aims a priori an intuitive diet and not a model of “diet” or diet. On the other hand, at the very beginning, guiding the steps with a predetermined menu plan can help when the ideas of meals that correspond to the food plan are limited. This is why this session aims to build a 5-day eating plan together with your eating preferences.

Duration: 30 minutes

After living your menu for a few weeks, you probably have changes you want to make to your 5-day menu or your eating plan. This session therefore concludes everything in style! We revise your 5-day menu and the food plan together to adjust everything to your needs. Possibility to ask any other questions if necessary.

Duration: 30 minutes


adjusted to your needs

Receive a personalized eating plan that will help you reach your nutritional goals

Certified professional

All services are offered by a certified nutritionist from “The Order of Dietitians of Quebec”

for you

Ability to choose the date and time you want, in person or online.

Core values

Consultations are always done with respect and pleasure. No judgment or discrimination made.


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