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Marie-Claire Gahel-Calouche

As a way to promote eco-friendly practices, clients can now help in collecting hard to recycle waste and aid collection efforts for the Terracycle recycling program.

Why help? All waste products listed will be exchanged against a charitable donation to the charity of choice. I have chosen to donate all funds to Leucan, which help cancer-stricken children, once the minimum amount of 100$ is attained.

How to help? Clients can simply bring recyclables in a sealed leak-proof bag (ie a garbage bag tightly tied) and let me know the contents by calling or sending an email at least one day in advance.

What is being recycled? The following is a list of items currently being collected. Terracycle requires that each item be collected separately:

-Snack Pouches: for details, click here

-E-Waste (including inkjet cartridges): for details, click here

-Air and Home Care: for details, click here



What other eco-friendly initiatives are you doing? To promote a healthier planet, the following tips are also encouraged:

-Purchasing local produce that is pesticide free

-Selecting food items with recyclable packaging

-Using recyclable  and reusable containers to store food

-Consuming at least 1 day without meat (ex: Meatless Mondays)

-Requesting paperless options available of office documents such as invoices

-Composting organic waste when possible.

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