Online Consultation

Initiative in response to COVID-19 !

COVID-19 Pandemic

Online nutritionist services

All nutrition services will be maintained during the pandemic, but our office will be closed. We have also decided to temporarily revise our prices and services in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to accommodate our customers because many of us are grappling with the new financial situation.

We want to encourage health services through remote consultations and make these services more affordable in these difficult times.



Price reduction

We recognize that nutrition services are all the more important during this pandemic period. We therefore want to focus on our online nutrition services and make them more affordable. To achieve that we reduced the price of our services until July 1 – subject to an extension!

free session

In order to counter the misinformation as well as to help those who want advice, we offer a free 30-minute session to ask your questions to our dietitian directly !

Local businesses

During this difficult economic period, it is important to remain united and encourage local businesses. So we decided to encourage charities, such as food banks, to help those in need. For anyone who also wishes to participate, here is a link to Moisson Montreal:

Services available

Reduced price of online services during the pandemic (Until July 1)

Nutritional consultation


During the consultations we will discuss your nutritional goals together so that you can achieve your desired results. You will receive a personalized food plan as well as detailed advice to guide you throughout your journey.

Example of consultations:

  • Weight loss
  • Gluten
  • Diabetes
  • Sports nutrition
  • And more !

Nutritional program

195$ ( 5 sessions )

The programs allow you to get off to a good start on your path to a healthy lifestyle. They provide you with a structure that will guide you towards achieving your goals. The programs include an initial assessment, a plan and a food diary, advice / strategies as well as personalized follow-ups.

Example of consultations:

  • Program: Weight loss
  • Program: Diabetes
  • Program: Sports Nutrition
  • Program: Cardiovascular diseases
  • Program: Vegetarians / Vegans

Business services

55$/h – for all services

Business services will receive even more than before to promote the well-being of their employees!

Services offered: Organization of kiosks, conferences or private consultations for your employees. Customizable to your needs and schedules, directly online.

Example of consultations:

  • Private consultations
  • Kiosks / Events
  • Conferences
  • Webnars
  • And more !