• Dietitian - Nutritionist

    Services offered by a nutritionist/dietitian with a degree from the 'Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec et du Canada'
  • Personalized Consultations

    Schedule a consultation in person, over the phone or even online. You can also choose the duration of the consultation. And yes we're even available on weekends!
  • Family and Business Services

    MCGC Nutrition also offers personalized consultations and follow-ups for groups and businesses
  • Affordable Price

    At MCGC Nutrition we strive to provide quality professional service at a competitive and affordable price for all
  • Proudly Eco-responsible

    Green is not just the color of the logo! MCGC Nutrition is proud to be a fully eco-responsible company

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At MCGC Nutrition our primary goal is to help you develop better habits and achieve your goals in health. This process of well-being begins with achieving a healthy and balanced diet.

Our second goal is to be able to offer a totally personalized service that follows the needs and availability of the customers. You can choose from a variety of services available; nutritional evaluation, follow-up consultations, grocery shopping, telephone follow-up, weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. We also provide nutrition services not only for individuals but also for families, couples and businesses.

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