Nutritional Service in Montreal

Nutritional evaluation*

A complete nutrition evaluation, assessment of nutrition goals and dietary habits and review of medical history. This consultation also includes strategies and expert recommendations to start meeting your health goals.


      Follow-up consultations (available by phone and web)*

In this session, we review your nutrition objectives and determine how to reach realistic lifestyle changes. At your first follow-up, you will receive a personalized and detailed meal plan to help guide you towards your health goals.


      Grocery shopping tour*

A review of your favorite grocery products while shopping together. We assess together food regularly purchased and when necessary, healthy alternatives are recommended. Learn how to read labels and improve dietary choices, pick healthier cuts of meat and fish, select fruits and vegetable, and much more.


Nutrition consultation topics include:

Weight management, sports nutrition, disordered eating patterns, cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes), digestive disorders and GI health, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the low-FODMAP diet, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), food allergy and intolerance, general health and wellness, meal planning and prepping strategies, healthy cooking practices, prenatal and postnatal nutrition, plant-based nutrition (veganism, vegetarianism), eating for bone health and more


Also available:


-Corporate services *

-Conferences, group consultations, kiosk events*

-Other services available upon request*

 Receipt for the reimbursement from private insurances 



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