Not Just Calories In and Calories Out  

Let me start by saying, the main reasons a patient will require my services as a dietitian will range from a medical recommendation, a patient's to lose weight and to improve overall health,  a quest to improve performance during sports and many reasons in between. Of these patients, many reported having previously experienced at least one fad diet, if not more. In my experience, patients show greater success in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight when they implement healthy positive habits instead of focusing on weight loss and the tenuous restriction of calories.

I’ve have tried many different ways of preparing whole chickens: slow cooker recipes, beer-can chicken on the BBQ,  marinated in a red wine and herb rub overnight and even brined over several hours then rubbed with butter and fine herbs. Nevertheless, my favorite recipe is this one since it is easy to follow and does not require as much salt as many of the recipes indicated, in particular, for the brine method. Also, this recipe requires no marination (saving time and effort) and results in an extremely juicy chicken. After initial preparation is completed and the chickens are placed in the oven, you will have approximately 2 hours to do something else, like preparing for house guests and opening a lovely bottle of wine.



Recipe: Lentil soup


Avocado pesto